3 Tips For Using Self Storage During The Winter

Posted on: 11 November 2015

Having self storage units can be a tremendous boon during the seasonal changes every year. It gives you a place to store your season wares during down months. With winter coming up, you might find yourself packing away all that warm weather gear that you don't have room for in your home. Yet, there are a few things you can do to get the most out of your unit during these winter months. 

Fix Up Stored Machinery

Before you tuck away your lawn mower or other mechanical devices for the winter, it is a great a idea to get them looked at to make sure they are in perfect working order for storage. This way when you retrieve them once the weather warms up, they'll be ready to go. This can save you a load of headaches in the future, especially since you might be rushing to use them once you pull them from storage. This minimizes downtime as well as eases the load on your budget from otherwise unexpected fixes. 

Invest In Moving Blankets Instead Of Vinyl or Plastic Covers

Moisture is the enemy of just about any belonging that you might own. As such, it is in your best interest to avoid storing your belongings in both plastic and vinyl covers. This is because both vinyl and plastic covers can seal moisture inside of them, which can cause lots of damage to items, especially metal ones, when they're stored for several months at a time. Wool or cottom blankets breathe, which will allow any hidden moisture to escape while still keeping dust and grime from accumulating on any of your belongings. 

Climate Controlled Units Are Your Friend

Of course, you can further protect your belongings by investing in a climate controlled unit. With climate control, your belongings will be protected from the elements.This is especially worth it if you need to store any temperature sensitive items, since they'll benefit the most from having a stable, controlled environment. This can also benefit stored clothing quite a bit as well, as a stable temperature is likely to deter mold and bug infestation, which can keep your clothing fresh and intact as well. 

So, give these tips some thought before storing your items this winter season. This way, you'll get the very best out of your storage unit and your items will remain in perfect condition. Talk to a self storage facility for more help. 


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