Keeping Items In Storage Free From Pests

Posted on: 2 December 2015

If you are planning on placing some of your personal belongings into a self storage unit, you will want to take steps in making sure they are protected from rodents and insects. While self storage units are pretty much sealed from damaging intruders, there is still a chance your unit could have a void that is undetectable when you move items in. There is also a chance of you bringing the invaders in yourself. Here are some tips to use when packing your items as well as some precautionary steps to take when placing them into the self storage unit to help keep pests out.

Check, Repack, And Cover

Do not bring boxes to your unit without checking through the contents beforehand. Even if the items have been in boxes for years in your home, there is a chance that a mouse or an insect could have burrowed its way into the corrugation, coming along for the ride when you transport your items to the facility. Take your items out of older boxes and place them into newly purchased boxes or plastic storage containers to eliminate this risk. Look over each item thoroughly before putting it in the new container. Use lids on containers and tape tops of boxes shut.

Test The Entryway For Draftiness

If the storage unit door is not flush with the ground or the sides of the doorway when closed, there is a chance small rodents or insects will slip through the crack. Before renting a unit, test it for draftiness. Get inside the unit and shut the door. Use a flashlight application on your cell phone to help you see. Hold a lighter up to the doorway, a few inches away. Slowly move it along the perimeter of the doorway while observing for flickering. If you notice any, this area should be caulked to fill in the gap. Have someone pour out a bottle of water next to the closed door while you are inside to check the seal along the bottom. If water seeps inside, rent another unit. You won't just have pest troubles, but a moisture problem as well.

Try A Few Deterrents

It does not hurt to place a few insect and rodent deterrents in your unit to help keep them from coming inside. Ants do not like the feel of chalk or powder on their feet and will avoid walking through it if it is present. Draw a line around the interior perimeter flooring of your storage unit with chalk and sprinkle talcum powder in corners to keep ants on the outside of your unit. Mice tend to shy away from areas with a peppermint scent. Dip several cotton balls in peppermint oil and place them in your unit. You will have the added benefit of a fresh-smelling storage area.

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