Have A Christmas Ornament Collection That Is Always Growing? How To Keep It Safe In Storage

Posted on: 16 June 2016

Christmas is a joyous time full of delicious meals, classic movies, cold weather, and the act of giving. Decorating around the house is common for households around the world. Christmas lights, figurines, movies, wreaths, garlands, and ornaments are some things that you may have in your collection. You may have a strong love for ornaments and have continued to collect them through the years. But, if you need to put them in storage, at least until winter comes, you should know how to keep them safe until then.


Wooden ornaments range from extremely delicate to super sturdy. It is the fragile ones that you need to pay attention to the most because all it takes is a reindeer's antler breaking off or a snowman's head snapping to ruin a beautiful ornament that you would normally hang on your tree come Christmastime. Before you put any ornaments in long-term storage, make sure to clean them thoroughly. The main issue is dust because not much else should get into contact with ornaments while they are on the tree. For storage, wrapping them in tissue paper and using ornament boxes without overcrowding them is ideal.


Some of the most delicate ornaments are glass ones, especially when the lining is rather thin. All it takes is a small amount of pressure to break the glass and bring the ornament to an unrepairable state. So, the most important detail to understand is that improper handling is an extremely common cause of damage. Acid-free storage boxes are your best bet when putting them into a storage unit. But, you should make sure it is a climate-controlled unit to avoid the fate of boxes and ornaments sticking together.


Some paper ornaments that you may have are Christmas trees, snowflakes, or standard balls. These are also delicate, but they are different than glass and wood because they are prone to crushing and creases. Since they are so easily damaged, you want to keep them high up on a tree, but what about storage? The shoebox method is an option, but you should make it a priority to use the sturdiest boxes. Carefully layering them inside the boxes will protect them, especially when placed on freestanding shelves.

Owning so many ornaments will give you the opportunity to have unique looks each year, or you can even switch ornaments at multiple points throughout a single winter. Keeping these tips in mind will ensure that you have all of your ornaments to come back to when you are ready to use them next year.

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