2 Tire Storage Tips To Avoid Towing A Storage Trailer With Under-Inflated Tires

Posted on: 13 July 2016

Purchasing a storage trailer allows you the convenience of being able to transport additional items while on the road. You can use the trailer for anything from camping to moving. In order to ensure that your storage trailer is functioning correctly, it is important to practice good habits when storing your trailer tires. Storage trailers tires that are poorly stored can result in underinflated tires. These tires are extremely dangerous to drive with since they can fall off or cause overheating. Fortunately, there are a few tire storage tips that you can use in order to prevent your trailer tires from becoming underinflated.

Remove the Tires and Store Your Storage Trailer on Wood Blocks

Storage trailer tires can lose a large amount of their air pressure without you noticing a difference. This often happens if the trailer tires are kept on the storage trailer when the unit is stored away. While in storage, your trailer will exert an enormous amount of pressure on your tires. The added weight will reduce the inflation pressure in your tires over time. If you use your storage trailer without replacing the lost pressure, then you will be towing a trailer with underinflated tires. In order to prevent this, the tires should be removed from your storage trailer and the trailer should be kept on wood blocks. This will place all of the trailer's weight on the wood blocks instead of the tires while it is not in use.

Inflate Your Tires Before and After Placing Them In Storage

If your storage trailer is kept in storage for a long period of time, then the tires will not have the same air pressure that they had when they were initially stored. As a result, it is important, to restore this pressure before use. You can check the inflation pressure of your storage trailer tires by using a pressure reader at your local gas station. While checking your tire pressure after storage is important, checking it before storing it is just as important. Storing an under-inflated tire can result in cracks and permanent damage to the trailer tires. This occurs because the tire does not have a sufficient amount of pressure to handle any additional weight. The permanent damage can result in tires that are always under-inflated since they are losing air faster than they are able to keep it.

Constantly dealing with under-inflated storage trailer tire issues can feel like a never-ending headache. Therefore, use these tire storage tips to make sure that your storage trailer tires remain in good condition. Talk to a company like Mar-Rube Trailer Rental to learn more.


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