Four Reasons To Use Climate-Controlled Storage

Posted on: 30 March 2021

If you are looking at mini-storage unit options to store a few of your valuables, you want to choose an option that will best protect your stuff from exposure to the elements. The best way to do this is to opt for climate-controlled mini-storage units. Aside from keeping everything at a controlled temperature, here are a few other benefits of using climate-controlled storage.

Keeps Critters At Bay

In climate-controlled storage units, you keep the extreme weather from effecting your possessions, but you also keep the likelihood of unwanted critters at bay, too. Bugs and mice might find a way to creep into your storage unit as a way to escape the extreme heat or cold, but in climate-controlled storage, this is less likely to happen. Many climate-controlled storage units are located in the center part of a storage building where there is a lower chance of nature creeping in, leaving the exterior spots for people who do not need climate-controlled spaces. 

Less Dust and Debris

Due to the location of the climate-controlled storage units within the facility, you can be sure to have the walls, floors, and ceilings all sealed off from the rest of the facility. This will decrease the amount of natural debris and dust build-up on your items. Your belongings will be more protected from build-up, but when it comes time to take items out of storage, you will notice there is not as much dust as items in your garage might get. Always be sure to wipe down items when you take them out of your storage unit to use.

Safety of Expensive Items

Many people opt for climate control when needing a place to put expensive or special items such as musical instruments, antiques, or electronics. When you spend the extra amount required for temperature control, you can be sure that your items are protected and safe from any natural elements. Rainwater that leads to flooding has been known to happen in outdoor storage facilities, but in climate-controlled storage your items are sealed off and kept at a reasonable temperature, making it less likely for warping or other forms of damage to occur.

Furniture Protection

If you have fabric upholstery on your couch or other furniture, you need to put them in a climate-controlled storage unit. These items are more likely to develop a bad odor from being in humid climates. Humidity can also damage other wood furniture as it can cause it to warp and develop mold over time.

For more information about storage options like climate control and mini-storage units, contact a storage facility.


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