5 Ways A Designated Pet Closet Makes Life Better

Posted on: 15 November 2022

Many Americans view their pets as part of their family. But this often means that, like family, pets' stuff is strewn around the house. It may also overrun storage spaces not specifically designed to manage it all.

What can you do if this happens in your home? One of the easiest solutions for your pet challenges is a pet closet complete with an organization system just for Fido and Fluffy. How does this make everyone's life better? Here are a few ways. 

1. Gather Everything Together. Start managing your pet gear by bringing it all together and giving it one central home. Most people use a laundry room or hall closet, although your space needs will vary. By getting everything in one place, you make it efficient and effective. You might be surprised at how much stuff is already cluttering up your home. 

2. See What You Really Have. Save money by actually knowing what you do and don't have at any given time. A good organizer system lets you keep more stuff together but store it in ways that make it easy to access and more visible. You'll never lose your pup's favorite treats again — nor will you run out of food because you can't tell what's empty. 

3. Promote Good Hygiene. Pets may be like one's children, but they're usually messier than people. Their leashes, food containers, coats, and toys get dirty and bring in debris. You can reduce the unsanitary nature of pet paraphernalia by providing proper homes for it all. You'll have an easier time cleaning what does get soiled, preventing dirty things from being traipsed through the house, and separating the dirty from the clean. 

4. Make Pet Care Easier. By providing one designated pet closet with the right organization and storage, you make pet care a breeze for everyone. The whole family will know where to find whatever the pets need. And if you have pet sitters while away from home, they have everything they need at their fingertips. 

5. Keep Everyone Out. A pet closet protects both kids and pets by securing various products on higher shelves and behind closed doors. This includes hazardous things like flea and tick medicine, veterinarian prescriptions, specialty pet food, shampoo, and sharp objects for grooming. 

Where to Start

Could a pet closet make your home cleaner, reduce clutter, and make pet care easier for all? If so, start by learning more about closet organization systems that might work for you. No matter what you choose, your family — both two-legged and four-legged — will be happier. 


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