Choosing A Standard Work Trailer: Features To Consider

Posted on: 31 July 2023

Whether you do landscaping work, general contracting, or professional cleaning, having a trailer to store and haul your work equipment can be life-changing. It's nice not to have to unpack and repack your supplies every day, and you'll enjoy not having to stuff them all into your personal vehicle or truck. But what features should you pay attention to when choosing a standard work trailer? Take a look.

Ramp or No Ramp

Some work trailers have a ramp on the back that folds up and also serves as the back door. Others have doors that swing and a step-up setup. If you only plan on keeping small items in the trailer, then a step-up will likely fit your need and is generally more affordable. However, if you ever plan on moving bigger or heavier things in the trailer, you want to have a ramp. Not only will it make it easier to carry things into the trailer, but it will open the possibility of wheeling things in on carts or dollies, which can really save your back.

Racking System

Does the trailer have any sort of racking system inside of it? Are there anchor points that you can use to hold straps if you need to tie something down? Are there any bolts on the sides that you could use to hold shelving? If not, you will likely end up spending some money to put in some sort of storage or shelving system. So, it's often easier to look for a trailer with at least a basic racking or tie-down setup in the back.


If you ever do any work outside on hot or rainy days, you want a trailer with an awning. The type that folds up against the side of the trailer and flips out when you need it tends to be a good choice.

Tire Quality

Pay close attention to the tires when buying a trailer. If a tire blows, you will be stranded, and insurance does not always cover roadside assistance for trailers. In general, the higher the tire class, the more durable it is. So, for instance, Class E tires are more durable than Class D tires. If you find a trailer that you otherwise like but that has bad tires, see if you can get a deal. Then, spend the money you save on replacement tires.

Focus on the features above, and you'll end up with a better work trailer.


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